www.I-AM-GOD.ME         Message from GOD . . .

Me at Age 4.55 billion years today

The Golden Egg John (GOD) !

Flying School at Cloud 9

Ex-Girlfriend from Alpha Centauri

My Asian Girlfriend

My Doorman (girl)

My Cleaning Lady from Mexico City

My Golf Buddy Tiger

My best Piano Teacher

My Party Girl - flow away after

My Noisy Neighbors Kids

My Mistress from Jerusalem

My Favorite Pet comes Home

My Lovely Ms. Amor

She Was the Best - and Sweet

My Sister's Friend - 12' tall

My Dices - How I made the World

My Fun Back Yard

My Address at the Cloud on the Left

My Secretary the last 5,000 years

One of My Farts

A Bigger Fart with Cuffing

My Patio at Heaven 7 (on the right)

Cute Angle from the Milky Way

Welcome Hug at the Last Party

One Night Stand on Venus Visit

Big Brother is Watching YOU (ME!)

My Hollywood Picture Shoot

My Creation Drawings

My Taxman and Me

My Laundry Line

One of My 7 Billion Kids

One of My Ex Wife's

My Sisters Cousin

Cool Party Next Door, 14,367 Angels!

My Last Birthday

Is This True - YEAH - I-Love-My-Self

Spare Wings in any Color

The First Skateboard from my Son

Our Party Boat - rented from Noah
One of My First Son's from Maria My Security Guy Nobama In God We Trust - you believe it . . . My long Time Butler Peter

My Grandfather Devfilious

Visit to Athens in Greek 3000 before ad

Bad Zeus after a Rainy Day

My daily Shower in MY Bathtub

Help finding HIM - He owe me Money

Playing In My Early Age

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